Groovy Training for Java Developers Certification Course

When it comes to successful programming, information technology (IT) firms that work in the Java environment can benefit greatly from having as many languages as possible at their disposal. One of the more versatile dynamic languages currently used in the industry is Groovy, which was developed by Java-using programmers to boost efficiency in the areas of design and implementation.

Companies experienced with Ruby and Perl will find themselves right at home in this new framework, but those with less exposure to these languages that want to take advantage of its capabilities have much to gain from learning its primary components. One way to accomplish this is by taking an IT education program conducted by Alliance Micro Solutions (AMS).

Our Groovy Training for Java Developers seminar is led by an AMS Subject Matter Expert, an industry professional who, with years of experience, understands the methodologies and practices necessary to succeed in the IT field. They begin each class with a demonstration that outlines a particular component of Groovy, and follow subsequent lessons with practical laboratories designed to help participants test and explore the programming language.

Initial topics cover the differences and similarities between Java and Groovy, including data types, class declarations and program expressions. Trainees work through exercises that illustrate how to implement closures and control structures, such as the practices for conditional execution and construct looping. The three main interfaces used in the framework – NodeBuilder, MarkupBuilder and SwingBuilder – are also extensively reviewed.

Programmers who work in Web development may also benefit from participation, as the class covers Grails, a Groovy-based function used to make online applications.

The Groovy IT certification course taught by AMS can provide companies and individuals with the means to explore this versatile language. For information regarding scheduling, prices and course requirement, check out our online course packet to learn more.

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