Introduction to Google Analytics Training Course

As many businesses expand their presence onto the internet, some may wonder as to how much of a splash they are making in the proverbial online ocean. Google Analytics, a multifaceted Web-based framework that allows users to track visitor numbers, study content effectiveness and monitor which parts of a site do best, is one of the industry's premiere e-diagnostic tools. While the utilization of this program may seem daunting, a computer certification course offered by Alliance Micro Solutions is an easy way for information technology (IT) professionals to learn the ins and outs of Google Analytics.

Introduction to Google Analytics training course, which is offered to both individuals and groups, is broken down into two parts: lecture-style lessons that cover the material and hands-on laboratories that allow students to practice their skills in real-world situations. The class is taught by a Subject Matter Expert who has years of experience working in the IT field.

Initial lessons cover the role of internet analytics, how they can impact a company's business model and which forms of Web metrics are best suited for particular types of sites. This is followed by a basic introduction to Google Analytics, such as day-to-day functionality and menu access.

The Reports function is a central component to Google Analytics, so trainees will learn about the creation of reports for site traffic, visitor demographics, content visibility and other topics. From there, students cover the methods of reading these reports and translating the data into strategies for implementation.

Google Analytics can provide a unique viewpoint on a business website's visibility and provide real-time data on its progress. Understanding the components of this tool can make any IT professional looking to enter the field of Web-based marketing strategy. To learn more about this and many other AMS courses, check out our online class offering guide today.

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