Android 4 Nuts and Bolts Training Seminar

There is little doubt that the future of information technology (IT) is inextricably linked with mobile computing, especially through personal devices like tablets and smartphones. Web developers looking to take advantage of these prevailing market conditions, especially in the field of application development for the the Android operating system, would greatly benefit from understanding the skills needed to design fluid, user-friendly programs. A great way to gain this knowledge is through an IT certification course taught by Alliance Micro Solutions (AMS).

The primary objectives of the Android programming seminar are to familiarize participants with the basic architecture of the operating system, review tools utilized during the app-making process and practice developing user interfaces.

AMS utilizes a tried-and-true education model for its courses. Each lesson focuses on a particular topic, such as the different ways to create menus in Android-based apps, beginning with a demonstration that illustrates the subject. The Subject Matter Expert, a seasoned IT professional, then leads a discussion covering the main components of the material. After the lecture, trainees are given an assignment to complete either independently or in groups. Finally, the class goes over the answers and the Subject Matter Expert responds to any questions the students may have.

Topics related to initial Android program set-up include the activity lifecycle, findViewByld methodology, startActivity protocols and customized application classes. Other areas that participants will cover are table and list implementation, graphic design, user interface modifications and strategies for data access and storage.

The AMS Android programming course does not require prior knowledge of the mobile operating system. However, it is recommended that prospective attendees have a base understanding of interface generation and some Java experience. Whatever the skill level, AMS courses are designed to help any IT company or individual find the skills they need to succeed in an increasingly mobile-based marketplace.

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