New study details where the moneys goes in today’s IT job market

For those looking for an information technology (IT) position in today's job market, it may require a trip to the city, according to a report published on July 3 by career website

The results of the study suggest that more IT companies are operating out of the major metropolitan areas, with the New York/New Jersey area boasting the largest number of job offerings, closely followed by the Washington DC/Baltimore area, with companies in these regions currently offering 8,871 and 8,334 positions, respectively.

Despite these high numbers, it is western cities like Dallas, Los Angeles and Seattle that boast the highest growth figures  in the industry. As of July 2, the number of open IT jobs in Los Angeles stood at 3,551, a 14 percent rise from July 2011. Similarly, Dallas currently has 3,160 IT jobs available, a 10 percent boost from last year while Seattle experienced a 9 percent lift to 2,810 free positions.

However, as substantial the growth figures are, hiring managers report that there is one major factor behind hiring decisions: applicable skills.

"There are other factors too. Technology hiring managers largely want journeymen, not apprentices," wrote Alice Hill, managing director for, in a statement. "Asked for experience preference, corporate hiring managers most frequently say IT pros with two to five years in the workforce, followed by those with six to 10 years experience."

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