Introduction to HTML Training Course

Some information technology (IT) professionals think of HTML as the cornerstone of Web programming. Its functions are so ubiquitous that certain people confuse HTML syntax with more complex languages. However, some components of the framework are not as simple as they may seem. For companies or individuals looking to increase their skill sets, an IT certification course organized by Alliance Micro Solutions (AMS) is a great way to learn the material easily and cost-efficiently.

The AMS Introduction to HTML seminar focuses on the primary uses and methodologies of the standard programming library. Our Subject Matter Experts guide students through the ins and outs of of HTML, beginning with an overview of Web development in terms of client-side and server-side design.

An AMS course is conducted through the use of demonstrations and hands-on assignments. Instructors guide participants through an example, before leading a discussion on the topic. Afterwards, trainees are given an exercise to complete individually or in groups. Once the task is finished, the class reviews the answers together and moves on to the next lesson.

Major components of HTML, such the blank slate document and basic syntax, are covered in the first parts of the seminar. Students cover the creation of website headings, paragraphs and texts, as well as the means to institute formatting and spacing adjustments. Other lessons include image placements, unordered and ordered list manufacturing and table inclusion.

This introductory course provides IT professionals and businesses with the tools to create basic Web pages and to alter existing HTML structures. Those who do well in the program and wish to continue training may benefit from looking into our HTML5 certification class. Check out our online seminar guide today for information about schedules, prices and availability.

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