Introduction to Perl Training for Windows

The key to success for information technology (IT) businesses and professionals is to have as many tools as possible in order to perform the duties they are responsible for. When it comes to programming, having an understanding of multiple computing languages will allow them to access more projects and reach a wider customer base.

One of the most exciting languages currently used in the industry is Perl, a platform first designed in the late 80s. However, training for this language can be time-consuming, but through the aid of an IT certification course taught by Alliance Micro Solutions (AMS), professionals and companies alike can gain the skills they need.

The five-day Introduction to Perl for Windows covers main functionality components within the context of Microsoft's operating system. Each lesson taught by an AMS Subject Matter Expert begins with a demonstration on a core theme. Participants engage in a discussion on the topic before completing an assignment given to them by the instructor. Once the groups or individuals finish the exercise, the class reviews the answer and progresses to the next lessons.

Major components of the course cover the utilization of variables, hashes and arrays in the program environment. The instructor provides real-world examples about how they are used by IT experts. Other topics include flow control methods, subroutines, quotation operators, information structure creation and binary data functions.

An AMS course is a great way for professionals and businesses to efficiently learn the IT skills they need to advance in the industry. The aid of Subject Matter Experts, who have years of experience working in Perl and other programming languages, is just one of many reasons to choose AMS. For more information, read our online course guide to learn about requirements, schedules and prices.

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