SEO Training Seminar

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process by which businesses and individuals can fine-tune their websites or pages to make them more visible on the leading Web search tools, like Google and Bing. Yet the SEO process isn't as simple as using a few keywords or uploading a blog post or two. Thankfully, there is a way to pick up the necessary skills to execute this new form of online marketing: a computer certification course conducted by Alliance Micro Solutions (AMS).

Our SEO Training class focuses on the functionality of search engines, how they scale website results and what tools information technology (IT) professionals can utilize to boost rankings and traffic. Under the tutelage of Subject Matter Experts, participants can learn from real-world examples that illustrate how to successfully conduct an SEO operation.

Each AMS lesson, whether it's online or on-site, begins with an introduction and a demonstration led by the Subject Matter Expert. After a discussion and explanation of the topic, students are assigned an exercise to test their understanding and help them learn the skill in a practical manner. Once the task is complete, the class reviews the solutions before moving on to the next section.

Initial segments cover the tools and skills needed for choosing the right keywords, optimizing pages for search engine "crawler" programs, creating content-driven sites that target particular audiences and the best ways to integrate product or service data that improves the user experience. The AMS course also reviews ways that SEO can harm a webpage's traffic, including bad links and Google penalties, and how to alleviate these concerns.

SEO methods can provide much-needed exposure to up-and-coming websites. For information about this and other IT certification courses, check out our online class syllabi or contact a customer service representative to learn more.

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