Introduction to Active Server Pages Training Course

Server-side programming can yield certain advantages to companies that utilize database-derived Websites for their businesses, such as information transfer efficiency and greater storage capabilities. One software design tool utilizes the Microsoft's Active Server Pages (ASP) system to create dynamic sites that are user-friendly and involve data-memory features.

However, in order to harness these benefits, programmers need to understand the necessary tips of the trade. A cost-efficient way of achieving this goal is to attend a computer certification seminar taught by Alliance Micro Solutions (AMS).

The AMS ASP training course serves as an introductory lesson for the basic functionality of the programming framework. Students learn the key differences between client-side and server-side methodologies and how they can impact the passage of information from our Subject Matter Experts, who are industry veterans who understand the ins and outs of the information technology (IT) field. They direct trainees to the correct solutions through the use of in-depth demonstrations and goal-oriented exercises that feature real-world examples to illustrate the given topic.

Programmers taking the course will learn about ASPs in the HTML environment. In future lessons, trainees study ASP scriptlets, VBScript strings and other components of the user interface, including directives, statements, expressions and comments. During the practical segments, participants construct an ASP-based website that utilizes database integration using SQL, ADO object models and subroutines.

An AMS course can provide IT businesses and individuals with the means to gain new skills and methods necessary for succeeding in the digital economy. Those who wish to expand their programmatic repertoire by learning about the finer points of ASP should contact an AMS customer service representative or check out our online course packet today.

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