HTML5 Training for Web Developers Seminar

Web-based applications are quickly becoming common on leading websites, as apps make the user experience more interactive and accessible across various platforms, such as mobile phones, netbooks and traditional personal computers. In this transition, apps have also grown to become effective tools for advertising and product delivery.

The HTML5 programming system is one of the cornerstones of Web application design due to its versatility and the fact that its current iteration was written specifically to address issues in HTML4 that occurred during the creation process. Business and professionals looking to access this new knowledge may benefit from participation in a computer certification course taught by Alliance Micro Solutions (AMS) and its team of Subject Matter Experts.

It's recommended that trainees have a prior understanding of the HTML framework and its previous editions, as well as use of CSS and JavaScript, before taking this particular seminar. Students work through numerous hands-on laboratories that illustrate methods for programming Web applications, which are explained during instructor-led demonstrations, and  receive explanations about audio and video implementation, the graphic design tool Canvas, Web Storage usage for databasing and language forms.

The first lesson is a comparison between HTML 4 and HTML5, including changes to structural tag systems and basic interface layouts. The new system also introduces updated layouts and input types, and course participants learn how to program with each one during exercises based on real-world examples.

An AMS course is a great way for businesses to efficiently train their employees or professionals to increase their repertoire of knowledge. Find out more about our class schedule, prices and other great educational opportunities by reading our online syllabi or contacting a customer service representative today.

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