Administration of JBoss Application Server Training Course

Open-source programming presents many opportunities to information technology (IT) businesses, including the organic nature of updates, voluminous supply of information and low-cost implementation. One of the stand-out programming frameworks available in the open-source community is the JBoss application server, a derivative of Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) that was originally developed by Red Hat.

Companies looking for a server-based platform that can help them flourish within certain financial and developmental boundaries may benefit from utilizing the JBoss system, though they may find themselves without the means to properly learn the required skills. An IT certification course offered by Alliance Micro Solutions (AMS) is an efficient and cost-effective answer to this problem.

The AMS course focuses on the maintenance and management of data servers through the use of JBoss. Participants learn how to properly install the framework, implement JEE software and optimize security protocols. Our Subject Matter Experts, who have years of experience working in the IT field, guide trainees through practical exercises that cover JBoss user interfaces, methodologies for boosting performance and tips for troubleshooting day-to-day issues.

Initial lessons focus on setup and basic administration, including the use of the JBOss Installer and management consoles. During the seminar, students practice utilizing the Eclipse IDE framework and how it pertains to XML in the JEE context. Servelt, JSP and EJB are also examined using real-world examples.

One of the major focus points of the course is the construction of Web applications in JBoss. Participants study the means to create, test and apply updates to existing programs using IDE and the JBoss Web Console. Later topics include implementation of the Secure Sockets Layer protocol, JBoss messaging channels and procedures for connecting a JBoss mainframe with an existing database network.

To learn more about the AMS JBoss training and other course offerings, check out our online course packet or speak with a customer service representative today.

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