Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 – Programming in C# 4.0 Certification Course

As numerous studies have shown, software programming is one of the most sought-after positions today. Most hiring managers and recruiters agree, however, that the one major issue they face when looking for qualified candidates relates to a lack of suitable skills. When it comes to utilizing specific software like Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 or programming languages like C# 4.0, a computer certification course can provide a simple means to learn the necessary material.

An Alliance Micro Solutions training covers the ins and outs of the process of creating .NET Framework-based software programs in C# 4.0 when using Visual Studio 2010. The class is led by a Subject Matter Expert – someone with years of experience in the industry who possesses unique insights and information about the IT field.

Structurally, the course is broken down into two sections: lecture-style lessons with discussions about key topics and hands-on laboratories where trainees can put their skills to the test. The first segment consists of an overview of the .NET Framework, how to begin projects in Visual Studio 2010 and basic application creation using C#, which leads into the lab component of actually making a program.

Other important parts of the training course include lessons on creating and utilizing programming types and how to differentiate between them, defining data properties and indexers and how they are used, aggregating data within Visual Studio 2010, querying in-memory data using the LINQ system and integrating code written in dynamic languages like Ruby and Python or technologies like COM into a C# application.

By going through an Alliance Micro Solutions course to acquire a Microsoft training certification, IT professionals can improve their current skill sets while learning new information to push their careers to the next level. To learn more about class listings and the Subject Matter Experts who teach the classes, check out an AMS course packet online today.

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