Introduction to Web Development with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

In the past few posts, we've been detailing how IT professionals with a flare for Web development can bolster their skills by learning Microsoft Visual Studio, citing the improved earning power and increased employment options individuals are able to achieve by buoying their skills in this particular area.

As such, individuals who want to gain the assistance of a Microsoft certified instructor as they transition their existing HTML, DHTML and other scripting skills to this difficult platform may want to look for online classes that can help them see the desired results.

New reports indicate that online education is becoming more popular than ever. For example, on February 7, the College Board and the Babson Survey Research Group indicated that more than 6 million students are currently taking one class online. While this statistic isn't much of a surprise on its own, the study also found that the number of academic professionals who feel these classes are comparable to traditional in-person offerings rose to 67 percent in 2011, up from only 50 percent nearly a decade ago.

Due to these satisfaction rates, IT professionals may want to look for a provider whose course catalogs offer Introduction to Web Development with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 classes. However, before applying for the chance to learn these exciting skills from an industry professional, Microsoft indicates that – in addition to the skills listed above – those who enroll in should first be able to construct a simple website using Microsoft or a third-party tool.

While the ability to create and customize a Web page via Microsoft SharePoint was also cited by the company as a prerequisite for professionals looking to enroll in these classes, given the difficulties even established IT workers can experience with any new platform, online classes may be the best bet for those looking to compete for Visual Basic jobs in 2012.

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