Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Domain Services Management Training

Businesses spread across geographic areas require services that can enable different units within a corporate structure to share information freely. To that end, Microsoft created software that facilitates this process, the most recent iteration coming through its Windows Server 2008-based Active Directory (AD). By using this framework, companies can establish various levels of authorization in order to increase internal security. However, this kind of position requires a certain level of practical knowledge. For those without prior experience, a Microsoft training certification can help.

A training course taught by Alliance Micro Solution is an instructor-led class spread over a period of five days and divided into lectures and practical laboratories. Instructors for the trainings are Subject Matter Experts who have years of experience in the information technology (IT) field and understand the ins and outs of the industry.

The first lesson covers the various features of the AD Domain Services framework, and how to conduct administration with efficiency and security. Trainees learn how to create user accounts and group them by clearance levels. Participants in the course will also learn procedures for managing desktops within the AD structure, configuring Domain Name systems, implementing and monitoring data backup protocols and improving server security authentication measures.

Practical laboratories form the backbone of the training, allowing students a chance to test their mettle under the supervision of Subject Matter Experts. Trainees practice the best procedures for installing and administering the AD Domain Services system in hypothetical situations that mirror real-world experience.

IT professionals understand that certification courses are a great way to improve knowledge and advance careers. Subject Matter Experts can help training participants hone their skills by offering unique tips they themselves learned working in the IT industry. For information about the class instructors and the courses they teach, check out the AMS website today to learn more.

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