Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Certification Course

One of the most successful ways to make your job application stand out in the eyes of a recruiter is to demonstrate that you actively improve and expand your knowledge base. Computer training courses are designed to do just that: provide a space for experienced software designers, technicians and administrators to learn new IT skills and apply them in a practical learning environment.

In a SharePoint 2010 certification course, students spend five days learning the ins and outs of Microsoft's web information management system. It begins with a basic introduction and segways into lessons on installation, how to construct an "intranet", securitizing SharePoint data and configuring user systems and applications.

To better help students learn the material in a more comprehensive way, the course – like many other classes offered by Alliance Micro Solutions – is structured to include both lectures and practical laboratories, the latter of which gives learners the chance to test and evaluate their skills in a supervised environment. Trainers can provide on-the-spot feedback for those who have questions or simply seek a little extra support as they master these skills.

Other highlights of the course include lessons on how to monitor and maintain computer systems that use SharePoint, create management frameworks specific to the needs of a company and administer the day-to-day operations of a business' SharePoint mainframe. Additionally, the class is designed to supplement other SharePoint certification units by providing knowledge that is applicable for related exams.

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