Configuring and Administering MS SharePoint 2010

In recent weeks, a number of major news publications have published reports indicating that IT jobs will be among the fastest growing and most lucrative in 2012. As a result, job seekers who are looking to keep up with technology trends by taking low-cost online courses may want to research online providers that can help them obtain accreditation in the year's must-have skills.

For instance, as offices become more complex, IT professionals need to understand how to navigate the intricacies of Microsoft SharePoint. Similarly, InformationWeek highlighted the need for IT professionals to be well-versed in SharePoint security in a January 31 article.

Among the 10 most common mistakes SharePoint Security professionals made, the news source indicated that the most egregious – and number 1 on its list – was the poor security training of these professionals. In particular, the news source cited a recent study that pointed to the disconnect many professionals in this specialization have between security and productivity.

According to the survey by Cryptozone, more than 90 percent of survey respondents indicated that they believed removing company data from SharePoint made it less secure. However, despite this acknowledgement, 30 percent said that they were willing to risk the safety of this information in order to complete a job. In addition, a similarly sizable amount – 34 percent – indicated that they haven't considered SharePoint security.

Due to this trend, job seekers may benefit by noting their skills in SharePoint security on their job applications. However, rather than touting this skill in an interview, these Americans may want to ensure it is clear from their resume that they possess this ability. As such, an online course in Configuring and Administering Microsoft SharePoint can help IT job seekers gain the tools they need to eventually pursue a Microsoft certification this year.

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