Windows 7 Solutions Management Training

More American companies every year are utilizing the Windows 7 desktop operating system for their computer networks. According to corporate technology data tracking site, Windows operating systems account for 92.53 percent of all corporate desktops, 40.51 percent of which run Windows 7. These figures suggest that businesses need trained and experienced IT technicians to address a host of needs and issues that may occur on a day-to-day basis.

IT technicians are in demand across all industries, with the median salary ranging between $50,000 and $70,000. According to, jobs requiring Windows 7 knowledge vary from entry-level IT help desk operators to Windows 7 senior deployment technicians, the latter of which requires the knowledge to implement both the operating system and the necessary software across a company's computer network. Windows 7 training can help experienced IT technicians expand their core knowledge to include these requirements, and make themselves more competitive as a job applicant.

A Windows 7 course, intended for experienced IT workers seeking a Microsoft training certification, imparts the knowledge necessary to use the full range of tools the operation system offers, such as setting up monitoring systems or configuring a uniform desktop layout. The training helps students to understand the differences between the new Windows and previous versions of the system. Other sections of the training cover remote access tools, network security configuration, compatibility solutions and administrative applications. Practical lab components offer trainees hands-on experience to help them apply the knowledge they receive in the course.

By acquiring the right information and skills, experienced technicians can successfully manage Windows 7-based technology systems. Certifications give IT applicants a distinct advantage over other prospective employees, because they help job seekers demonstrate that they can and will do their best in the modern technological workplace.

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