Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Messaging Training Course

According to The Radicati Group, Inc., a technology market research organization, Microsoft Exchange Server currently accounts for 53 percent of all corporate messaging networks used worldwide. In its analysis, Radicati predicts that this market share will rise to 68 percent by 2016. As more companies adopt this system, computer technicians with Microsoft certifications will be increasingly in demand.

A Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 training course comprises a five-day lesson plan divided between lectures and practical laboratories. Taught by an Alliance Micro Solutions-affiliated industry professional, the course focuses on teaching the skills necessary to configure and maintain an Exchange Server 2010 system. The certification is intended for prospective messaging administrators, but IT professionals looking to expand their knowledge are also welcome to attend.

The lessons start with the basics: the installation and implementation of Exchange Server 2010. Following that, students learn more specific skills such as configuring a company's email systems and deploying system-wide security controls. Other highlights include learning how to plan backup contingencies and to manage the flow of information within the server.

Those who enroll in the course are also taught how to transition previous versions of Exchange Server, such as the 2003 and 2007 products, over to Exchange Server 2010. This knowledge may be particularly enticing to employers, who may be going through the process of upgrading their networks.

If The Radicati Group's estimates are true, over the next five years number of job openings for Microsoft certified professionals may see a substantial amount of growth. Those looking for ways to move their applications to the top of the pile should consider one of the many professionally taught courses offered by Alliance Micro Solutions.

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