Building Portals and Managing Content with MS SharePoint 2007

On January 24, Research and Markets, an online market research resource provider, announced that it was adding a new book to its available offerings. The book, from John Wiley and Sons Ltd., is called "SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise Content Management," and it deals with how Microsoft SharePoint can be used in this vital business function.

According to a press release, the book will retail for around $75 dollars and include a number of coding and real-world examples that individuals looking to increase their skills in this area can use to bolster their understanding of SharePoint.

In particular, the release indicates that those who read the book will gain the tools they need to manage and share content in a secure fashion and build websites with the software. Topics that are covered by the authors include workflow, collaboration, search, document management and Web content management.

However, many experts say that relying on books that detail the ins and outs of this complex program may not be enough. For example, most employers look for IT professionals with hands-on experience working with SharePoint, while others will require that the individual has spent time with this software in a professional setting. Microsoft, in particular, advises that online learners spend at least six months with SharePoint 2007 before moving to advanced versions. 

As such, taking a low-cost online courses in SharePoint 2007 may help IT job seekers pursue the Microsoft certifications they need to impress a business' human resources department and gain the best employment opportunities in this growing industry sector. 

With the help of a Microsoft certified instructor, individuals who enroll in this type of course can learn how to manage content, build portals and help a business improve its overall efficiency.

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