jQuery Fundamental Training Course

jQuery, the JavaScript development system known for its versatility and concise programming language, is quickly becoming a force in the information technology (IT) industry. According to internet business source W3Techs.com, usage of the jQuery library has reached 58.8 percent of the top 10,000 websites. Companies in the field, therefore, may benefit from replacing current design frameworks with jQuery. One way to efficiently learn the skills necessary is to participate in an computer certification course taught by Alliance Micro Solutions (AMS).

AMS courses are led by Subject Matter Experts, certified industry professionals with years of experience working in both the real world and educational environments. Through the use of instructor-led demonstrations and hands-on laboratory assignments, participants will have the chance to gain both informational and practical knowledge. It is recommended that prospective students have a firm understanding of HTML and basic JavaScript.

The jQuery course begins with an overview of the JavaScript library, covering topics such as syntax basics and operating functions, switch statements and loops. Participants practice creating functions, including arguments and self-executing anonymous subtypes. Other major components, like events and effects, are also reviewed. Trainees learn how to assign events to certain triggers and how to optimize the performance of these programs.

Subject Matter Experts also discuss the role of Ajax in the jQuery framework, including data types, JSONP, Firebug and convenience methods. Other practical assignments involve the creation, programming and implementation of plug-ins.

After completing the AMS jQuery course, IT companies and professionals will have the skills they need to tackle this popular and efficiency-boosting programming library. Those who have questions regarding schedules, prerequisites and course specifics, as well as other class offerings, should contact an AMS customer service representative or read our online education guide today.

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