Upgrading, Administering and Troubleshooting Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

Due to the expected increase in IT positions in 2012, many current IT professionals may be looking to advance their skills so that they can further their career goals this year. As such, IT generalists and help desk professionals may want to learn more about Exchange Server 2010, a business software from Microsoft that allows companies to provide their employees with email, calendars and contact listings so that these workers can stay connected and work more efficiently.

To achieve these in-demand positions however, interested IT professionals may want to enroll in online Upgrading, Administering and Troubleshooting Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 courses with Microsoft certified instructors.

By fulfilling the obligations of these online courses, IT professionals can learn to install and deploy Exchange Server 2010, configure the secure flow of messages between an organization and the internet and plan and configure messaging policy and compliance, among a host of other essential skills.

One aspect of this course that may interest IT industry professionals is that Microsoft says those who enroll in these courses don't need to have prior experience working with earlier Exchange Server versions. This is because the course itself provides IT professionals with the guidelines, best practices and considerations that can help them translate their existing skills into Microsoft Exchange Server qualifications that allow them to obtain more advanced industry positions.

With this course under their belt, IT professionals can then look to complete Microsoft certifications that can allow them to obtain administrator positions in this specialization. According to reports, server administrators can garner more than $75,000 in annual earnings, which they can then use to lead a comfortable lifestyle of their choosing.

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