Job market research organization points to “talent crisis” currently facing IT departments

According to a new report from The Hackett Group, a firm that conducts market research for businesses, more information technology (IT) departments across all industries are falling victim to a phenomenon the organization calls a "talent crisis."

The study, entitled "Cracks in the Foundation: Closing the Critical Skills Gap Undermining Business Capabilities," concluded that many companies are facing a dearth of skill-sets necessary to function efficiently and profitably. The focus of the blame, the authors wrote, should be on human resources (HR) departments that, in their words, provide "extremely low levels of service."

"Underinvestment in talent has created deficits in important skills such as business acumen, strategic thinking and analysis, change management and process improvement capabilities," Harry Osle, a senior official from The Hackett Group, said in the organization's press release.

Researchers for The Hackett Group found that the businesses surveyed for the study responded that HR departments were providing poor talent acquisition assistance, with only 35 percent of companies reporting adequate help. Forty percent of the organizations canvassed said that limited resources prevented them from expanding operations, while 70 percent answered that HR support in the hiring process was below expectation.

In addition to the data, The Hackett Group listed a series of steps businesses can take to improve their talent-finding operations, including better-defined job responsibilities in listings, increasing collaboration between recruiters and specific departments and improving the critera by which job candidates are considered.

These conditions suggest that the U.S. job market, especially the IT industry, is still volatile. In order to make your resume stand out among the crowd, computer certifications can be a great way to demonstrate your qualifications and skills. An Alliance Micro Solutions training course, taught by Subject Matter Experts, can help IT professionals increase their technical knowledge and prepare them for the 21st century workforce.

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