Ajax Certification Course

The programming suite known as Ajax incorporates the JavaScript system, Document Object Model framework and XML-based data networks to form a design structure that is efficient and cost-effective. It enables information technology (IT) professionals or companies to increase their Web design capabilities in terms of speed and convenience. One of the easiest ways to pick up the skills necessary to deftly operate this programming tool chest is through an IT certification course conducted by Alliance Micro Solutions (AMS).

The AMS Ajax seminar focuses on the server-side components of the design program. Participants study methodologies pertaining to platform-to-platform communication methods, codification language, data clustering and conveyance, second-tier technologies like DOM and XSL and the Ajax library system, the latter of which includes Prototype, Dojo and Scriptaculous.

Through the use of instructor-led demonstrations and practical assessments that test trainees' skills through goal-based exercises, AMS Subject Matter Experts act as guides through the topics. Their years of hands-on experience in the IT industry is one of the many unique facets that makes AMS a premiere service in the technology training field.

Initial lessons cover the differences between a "traditional" Web program and one made in the Ajax environment. From there, students work through projects that help them understand the utilization of the addChild() function, JSON and dynamic tables.

The AMS course also focuses on the basic usage of Ajax/JavaScript frameworks. Included in this topic is a study of Dojo and how it pertains to the programming suite. Participants learn how to choose the correct framework for the appropriate scenario, depending on the needs of the design project.

The Ajax programming system offers IT users a versatile means to create Web-based applications. To learn about AMS training seminars and how we can benefit businesses and individual professionals, contact a customer service representative today for more information.

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