Crystal Reports Training Seminar

Whether it's before a group of investors or a board of executives, the capability to compile data efficiently in a report is vital. One of simplest systems available on the market is Crystal Reports, a framework that allows Microsoft users to tailor a business' unique set up to the capabilities of the report-making program. Information technology (IT) professionals or companies can learn how to use this software through the aid of an Alliance Micro Solutions (AMS) computer certification seminar.

Our Subject Matter Experts – trained professionals who understand all the tricks of the trade – lead courses that blend lecture-style presentations and hands-on laboratories to create a unique and effective learning environment.

Each lesson begins with a real-world example, such as a demonstration on navigating the Crystal Reports user interface, and is followed by a discussion of the major topic points. Participants are assigned an exercise that illustrates the primary objective of the lecture, and after completion, the class reviews the answer and moves on to the next subject.

Trainees create a dummy report, and the seminar covers the major components that go into making a complete project. The sections covered include basic formatting, text fields, object placement and data filters.

When making the example presentation, students learn how to make multi-tiered graphics based on provided information that they can use later in a real-world business environment. After the examples are finished, participants practice exporting Crystal Reports files into Excel, .PDF and Word documents to enable greater versatility.

Businesses and individuals in the IT industry can benefit greatly from the Crystal Reports AMS seminar, which enables them to process and present data efficiently. Those interested in our unique service should log on to our website and review our online course guide to learn about scheduling, prices and prerequisites.

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