Enterprise Linux Networking Services Training Course

To better facilitate the flow of data, companies rely on network administrators to manage the internal sever networks that perform the bulk of this work. If a problem arises with these networks, that means that a critical component of that business is hampered until it can be fixed. Reflecting the necessity for companies to pursue skilled information technology (IT) professionals to fill this position, numerous job postings on sites like Indeed.com and SimplyHired advertise generous pay and benefits packages in order to attract qualified candidates to businesses in need.

However, many of these positions require applicants to have hands-on experience before they will be considered. Those looking for a way to hone their skills in a practical environment may benefit from an IT certification course.

Alliance Micro Systems (AMS) offers accredited Enterprise Linux Networking Services training for IT professionals looking to improve their base of knowledge under the guidance of Subject Matter Experts who have years of experience in the industry. The class is divided into two parts: a lecture-based component and laboratories to practice what is covered in the discussions.

Initially, trainees go over basic network security protocols and the function of domain name systems (DNS) in the Linux environment. Students then learn how to implement BIND, a popular DNS creation program for the open-source operating system. Other topics covered in the course include the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) framework, Apache Web server administration, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMPT) strategies and exercise-specific troubleshooting methods.

With the aid of an AMS Subject Matter Expert, IT professionals can have the opportunity to hone their skills in an innovative learning environment. As many hiring agencies and research firms have stated, the skills gap makes it harder for companies to fill important positions. Computer certifications are not only a great way to demonstrate knowledge, but they are also a means to gain the tools necessary for career advancement.

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