Dice: Technology recruiters seeking professionals skilled in .NET, Linux administration

If you are an information technology (IT) professional skilled in Linux administration or the .NET programming language, you may have your pick of the litter when it comes to a new job. According to an article published July 13 by career research and assistance group Dice, human resources managers and recruiters are reporting a huge increase in the number of jobs available for these positions.

Linux is an operating system favored for its open-source capability as well as its customizable nature, making it popular for server networks. A Linux administrator's duties include scripting, overseeing software deployment and creating cloud computing protocols.

"These people are flying off the market. More companies than ever have their development and production environments based on Linux," Joe Kotlinski, a manager for the Winter, Wyman Companies, a national IT recruiting firm, told Dice.

The .NET language is the primary programming tool for Windows-based technology. Dice reported that, in particular, companies seek job candidates proficient in C# and VB.NET, two program environments that are used widely in the IT field.

"One of the things we've been bumping into over the past two years is that the really talented .NET people are the ones who have stayed employed," Kotlinski said to the career service group.

According to the jobs listings company Indeed.com, both skill types are highly sought after. More than 30,000 .NET developer positions receiving more than $80,000 a year in compensation are available on this particular website alone.

These opportunities means that IT professionals who are looking to jumpstart their careers need the experience necessary to qualify for these jobs. Alliance Micro Solutions offers courses for both the .NET language and Linux administration, providing trainees with the knowledge and practice space needed to hone their skills. Under the guidance of Subject Matter Experts, veterans of the IT industry, students can develop the talents to help them succeed.

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