Technology magazine Computerworld describes IT jobs market as “hot yet finicky”

Looking for a job in the information technology (IT) field? According to the tech publication Computerworld, the jobs are out there – but be prepared to compete fiercely for a chance to prove yourself in the eyes of hiring managers and recruiters.

In order to get a better picture of the situation from the employers' perspective, Computerworld interviewed a number of company owners and hiring managers to learn more about the obstacles they face. The majority of problems, some say, is that those with the applicable skills aren't hiring.

For example, Chris Johnson, a human resources director for the company that operates the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, has more than a dozen openings in his business' IT department with hundreds of applications for each, yet actually filling those positions has proven elusive.

"If somebody is good in their job, they're going to want to stay in the job that they're in," Johnson told Computerworld. "They aren't the ones papering the town with resumes right now."

As a result, Johnson and other talent acquisition managers like him have taken to scanning resume databases for candidates that better match the needs of their companies.

In order to compete in today's global marketplace, applicants need the necessary skill sets to stand out among hundreds, if not thousands, of other professionals seeking the same position. An IT certification training course is one way to build upon existing knowledge and learn new information that can be used across a wide variety of technology fields. Alliance Micro Solutions (AMS) offers a wide variety of training classes taught by Subject Matter Experts that cover Microsoft, Linux and other popular industry tools.

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