Hiring managers want talented, well-rounded individuals

As anyone who has stood for hours in line at a job fair knows, the primary question on everyone's mind is: how do I stand out among all these people? It turns out, according to a human resources (HR) professional interview conducted by international business journal The Australian, employers desire a mix of applicable skills and critical thinking abilities.

Jon Chapman, an association director of Robert Half Technology, an information technology (IT) staffing organization, sat down with The Australian to discuss what businesses desire most in a job candidate. Chapman suggested that as more companies look to cut costs, hiring managers are showing greater interest in hiring individuals with the operational capacity of several people.

"For example, someone who can really set up a virtualized environment could save you two or three headcount in server engineers, so you can naturally afford to pay that person a premium because of the inherent saving they represent," he told the newspaper.

Chapman went on to say that in addition to being able to run a handful of different aspects of a project at once, companies want candidates who can contribute to the decision-making process. Stating that no one is lauded for "keeping the lights on" in the modern business world, he suggested that successful IT professionals "assist" in making decisions relating to things like mergers and acquisitions, market expansion and data security.

This interview seems to suggest that companies look for well-rounded candidates who possess the right skills and outlook for the job. One way to practice critical thinking skills, especially those relating to real-world scenarios, is through a computer certification course offered by Alliance Micro Solutions (AMS). An AMS training, conducted by a Subject Matter Expert, affords students the opportunity to test their decision-making abilities in a practical, exercise-based learning environment.

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