U.S. CFOs expect tech hiring to rise 5 percent in the next year, but volatility remains

Two surveys published last week issued questions to chief financial officers (CFOs) across America about their predictions for the U.S. job market. In their answers, CFOs expressed cautious optimism about future spending and the challenges they face.

According to the results from one of the surveys, this one conducted by CFO Magazine and Duke University, CFOs from tech-based industries like software companies and cybersecurity firms aim to increase hiring rates by 5 percent. Overall spending on technology by U.S. companies is expected to rise 8 percent, which could add an extra boost for hiring as well.

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, an advocacy organization for members of that industry, released a similar survey that found a more pessimistic outlook. Its survey reported that only 12 percent of respondent companies intended to increase hiring rates, while 10 percent of businesses, up from 7 percent a year before, planned to proceed with employee layoffs. What stands out most from these responses is that CFOs whose companies wanted to increase hires but could not cited a lack of qualified candidates possessing the right skills as a major deterrent.

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