Lean Six Sigma training can help hospitals find success with patients

Lean Six Sigma training can help hospitals find success with patients

In recent years, medical professionals have been turning to a number of new technologies as a means to provide their patients with a greater access to information about their care. Whether this has meant updating their facilities with EMR software or eprescribing tools, the industry has found success by looking to incorporate new ideas into how it approaches patient treatment.

According to a new report by FierceHealthcare, medical professionals could benefit by securing Lean Six Sigma training and then applying its principals. Lean Six Sigma essentially asks business professionals to consider the customer, and teaches the individuals who pursue its training how to assess aspects of their operations in light of how it serves these clients and customers.

The example cited by the media outlet was the story of Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center in Ohio. This facility began working toward an overall improvement of its operations in 2007, and found that the statistics it was using to measure the quality of its service weren't painting an accurate picture of the performance of its workers.

"What was lacking was this coordination of the entire system that was centered around the patient," former Mercy St. Vincent CEO Imran Andrabi said in an interview with the news source. "The care coordination model was developed out of a principle that required us to – as we took a step back – to look at the entire system."

Since applying Six Sigma principals to this workspace, the number of patients who would recommend Mercy St. Vincent to friends and family increased to above the national average, while preventable harm and infection rates fell. As a result, business professionals in all industries could perhaps benefit from taking computer training from a certified computer instructor either online or in-person to gain the skills they need to retool their company's operations.

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