Report suggests certain industries need more experienced IT professionals

With many major companies now relying on complex information systems to store customer data, the possibility for hackers to compromise these systems is a real threat that puts the personal and financial information of everyday Americans at risk. For example, a report released by Privacy Rights Clearinghouse (PRC) on December 16 indicated that data breaches aren't specific to one industry, even though some of the most egregious breaches occurred when the databases of major healthcare firms were compromised.

In total, the report found that 535 major breaches occurred. These breaches compromised more than 30 million records, but due in part to reporting inconsistencies, the real statistics on data bases could be far greater, according to the PRC.

"This is a conservative number," the organization's director, Beth Givens, said in a press release. "We generally learn about breaches that garner media attention. Unfortunately, many do not. And because many states do not require companies to report data breaches to a central clearinghouse, data breaches occur that we never hear about."

Due to the rise in data breaches, companies may need to hire more qualified technicians who have secured computer training or received accreditation from online certificate programs. By pursuing computer certifications in the right fields, IT professionals can enhance their resume to apply for these potential openings, whether the vacancies are in the video game or healthcare industry.

As such, it can be beneficial for interested applicants to explore the current hiring market and then secure the necessary classes to enhance their skills in the eyes of employers. Providers that offer a mix of online and in-class learning could be the most beneficial, especially to individuals who have trouble concentrating when left to study in a potentially distracting environment or who find that hands-on learning programs help them learn better.

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