Business investment in videoconferencing could spur VoIP IT hiring

A recent report released by Avistar Communications Corp., a provider of unified visual communications products and solutions, highlighted some business trends that are expected to dominate the industry narrative over the next year. Most significant among its findings for IT professionals was the fact that videoconferencing and other VoIP technologies would continue to benefit from business investment in 2012.

"Businesses will continue to see the high value of videoconferencing, and more importantly, personal videoconferencing, as an essential method of improving collaboration and productivity," the company said in a December 20 press release.

The primary factors for this transition will be largely revenue-based. For example, Avistar noted that many companies are attempting to increase the productivity of their existing workforce as a way to reduce hiring costs. With videoconferencing, businesses gain a tool that allows their professionals to communicate efficiently, even if they need to be out of the country on essential business.

In addition, videoconferencing is also expected to burgeon in the IT industry, as more companies look to attract qualified candidates from overseas. In this case, videoconferencing can be used during the hiring process to easily conduct interviews, and then on the job, as these new employees need to a way to communicate with existing workers in real time.

As a result, job seekers who are looking to invest in computer training that can help land them a job in 2012 may be wise to pursue a Cisco certification. Cisco, a major supplier of business phones around the world, offers its Cisco VoIP training certification for interested professionals.

However, since the test requires preparation, those who want to start down the path toward a successful 2012 may want to invest in online classes with experienced computer instructors who are well-versed at relaying the finer details of Cisco's products.

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