Linux for Unix Administrators Training Course

An article recently published by industry magazine PCWorld announced that computer giant Dell will begin offering the Red Hat Enterprise Linux OS 6 in its new line of Precision-brand laptops. This move suggests the increasing market presence of the open-source operating system.

While different, Unix, another open-source operating workbench framework, shares some components with Linux and, according to various Web job postings, the two systems are becoming increasingly paired together in terms of network administration duties. In response to these shifting job market patterns, Alliance Micro Solutions (AMS) has begun offering a Linux For Unix Administrators training course to better equip information technology (IT) professionals with the skills they need to succeed.

The AMS class, taught by Subject Matter Experts who have years of hands-on experience in the IT industry, is an accelerated course designed for those who already have a functioning knowledge of the Unix framework, including TCP/IP applications and Unix security protocols. Over the duration of the course, trainees will learn how to translate their knowledge of Unix into the Linux system through a series of lectures and hands-on practical laboratories, the latter of which are designed to reflect real-world situations that occur on a daily basis in the IT field.

The skills covered include managing data in the Linux interface, start-up procedures and initialization techniques, software administration and the utilization of the Filesystem network. Students will also learn about data archiving, security overviews, OpenLDAP and the SQUID Proxy Server. In order to train participants in methods of bridging Linux and Unix systems for a company's server network, the AMS course also provides an extensive lesson on setting up the Samba software package.

AMS offers a series of Linux-related classes designed to train and inform IT professionals about the versatility of open-source operating systems in an enterprise-level business environment. Under the guidance of Subject Matter Experts, participants will learn the skills necessary to move forward with their careers.

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