RHEL Clustering and Storage Management Training Course

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) is an operating system designed by open-source programming organization Red Hat. According to Seeking Alpha, an industry research and commentary website that covers information technology (IT) issues, the RHEL framework has been expanding on the enterprise-level, especially for usage in data storage facilities.

While the growth is modest, it demonstrates the opportunity for some IT professionals looking to expand their careers. The RHEL Clustering Storage Management Training Course, offered by Alliance Micro Solutions (AMS) and administered by the organization's Subject Matter Experts, is one way to learn and demonstrate the knowledge to excel in this field.

This particular class is intended for those with previous experience in the Linux environment. In order to best train students in the methodology of computer grouping and data maintenance, each participant is assigned three computers for their workbench. From there, they will design and manage a cluster that can conduct a number of procedures, with each assigned example reflecting industry practices.

Protocols introduced to trainees include the Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI), a networking program used to connect server components, and Device Handler, a software interface used for exporting data within a system. In conjunction with the RHEL foundation, Red Hat's Global File System 2 is included in the study. Other skills learned include logical volume management, data fencing and quorum administration.

AMS training courses are designed to provide practical work experiences for students. The goal is to enable participants to apply the skills learned in real-world environments with the expertise and proficiency demanded in the IT industry. With the aid Subject Matter Experts, AMS trainees will be well on their way to achieving new career heights and goals.

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