IT research group releases list of industry’s most demanding jobs

Those who are currently seeking an information technology (IT) position may want to take a look at a recently published list by professional market research group Emerson Network Power (ENP) to find out which positions are the most demanding.

The report, entitled "The Most Always-On IT Jobs", was compiled from surveys conducted in February, which were distributed to nearly 800 IT employees and executives throughout the globe. Criteria included the workload at peak capacity, the hours spent on tasks and the accuracy of results.

ENP researchers concluded that the executive director job required the most time and effort among IT professionals. Procurement officials and chief investment officers were also ranked near the top, followed by managerial positions, operations coordinators and data center administrators. Database operators and software designers filled out the bottom of the list. The organization also reported that most IT employees are expected to work for 119 hours out of the traditional 168-hour work week.

"IT is a hugely demanding profession," Blake Carlson, a vice president for Emerson Network Power, said in the organization's press release. "They need to be smart, flexible and quick – a lot like the technology they work to support. And, they must be able to handle multiple tasks at once and figure out how to get things done with limited or inadequate resources. In my experience, IT professionals are a breed apart."

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