CompTIA unveils cloud computing certification

While there is much debate about the exact skills required of cloud transformation directors, there is little disagreement that these employment positions are expected to see huge growth in 2012. This is due in part to the fact that many businesses are investing in cloud solutions as a way to reduce their office space and more cost-effectively manage their existing IT equipment.

However, applicants may see this job title differ from employer to employer. According to a January 3 report by ComputerWorld, these potentially lucrative positions could be available under such monikers as vice president of virtualization, cloud transformation officer or another similar variation.

But, while the title may differ, this position requires individuals to have the necessary computer training to navigate a complex set of problems while managing a larger staff.

"This position is like being a conductor of an orchestra," Al Delattre, global industry lead for technology at recruiting firm Korn/Ferry International, told ComputerWorld. "It's a series of 500 projects over seven years. You have to make sure it works and it's sequenced. No one person is an expert on all of it."

To clarify the skills these professionals will need, CompTIA recently announced the unveiling of its Cloud Essentials certification, which has already seen support from big names in the IT world such as Microsoft, IBM and VMware. Those who want to pursue a CompTIA certification may be wise to seek out an internet provider of not only online classes, but also in-person learning from computer instructors.

By securing this kind of nuanced support, individuals looking to enter the IT sector in 2012 can gain the tools they need to separate from the pack and prosper.

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