Technical literacy a must for job seekers in 2012

Due to the increased competitiveness in the job market and the relatively stagnant unemployment rate, those who are looking to apply and compete for new jobs in 2012 may benefit from taking online or in-person classes that can increase their technical skills, a new report suggests. According to a January 3 article by MarketWatch, those who want to enter the healthcare, retail or professional services fields may benefit from computer training.

"Firms have so many job seekers per opening," Lawrence Katz, an economist at Harvard University, told the news source. "They are going to want candidates with clear credentials, but also a little extra shine in interactive skills and creativity. They are less willing in a weak labor market to take chances."

As a result, job seekers who demonstrate that they have the necessary skills to keep an operation's processes running smoothly will likely be able to get ahead. In particular, the media outlet cited the ongoing changes in the medical industry as a prime example of how IT skills can be beneficial, as everyone from the receptionists to doctors needs to have a basic understanding of these systems.

Over the last several years, new technology has been implemented at nearly every stage of the medical process – from records keeping to billing – and employees who can handle data are likely to be competitive when applying for openings at larger hospital systems or small facilities.

Workers who demonstrate the ability to handle social media are also in demand, and as a result, job seekers who use channels such as LinkedIn and Twitter to make employment connections are likely to be looked upon favorably. However, regardless of the typical skills that an individual wants to learn, they can start with basic computer training from a reputable online source that can help them bolster their credentials.

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