Cisco Unified Wireless Networking (CUWN)

This Cisco Unified Wireless Networking (CUWN) class is a 5 day class that is presented by Cisco training partners to their end customers. Channel Partners nationwide hire proven AMS Subject Matter Expert Cisco Certified Systems Instructors (CCSI’s) to teach on-site or on-line classes.


Before attending this course delegates must have completed the following:

  • Knowledge of basic networking principles, TCP/IP, bridging, routing protocol, and VLAN operation
  • Cisco CCNA® certification or equivalent work experience
  • Prior attendance in Implementing Cisco Unified Wireless Networking Essentials (IUWNE) or equivalent experience
  • Basic Microsoft Windows, Windows networking, and Internet browser navigation skills

The primary audience for this course is as follows:

  • Channel field engineers, Cisco network consulting engineers, new UC partners, and customer network engineers
  • Cisco customers and employees who are interested in the CUWN solution, have a strong data networking background
  • Those responsible for planning, deploying, and managing enterprise WLANs using lightweight access points and controllers
  • Network Engineers, Network Administrators, Network Manager and System Engineers.

Upon completing this course, you will be able to meet these overall objectives:

  • Identify how the Cisco Unified Wireless Network solution meets the challenges of successful WLAN deployments
  • Select and properly install the Cisco Unified Wireless Network hardware appropriate to site and use requirements
  • Administer the WLAN, 802.11 security policies, and QoS to protect and optimize performance on the wireless network
  • Configure and implement the key Cisco Unified Wireless Network security features to mitigate WLAN security threats
  • Utilize a recommended troubleshooting methodology and the various tools available to gather and assess system data to isolate equipment failures and security threats

 Course Outline

Module 1: Collect Information for the Site Survey

  • Customer requirements
  • Site survey requirements for different vertical industries
  • Design coverage for specific applications and client devices
  • Design outdoor coverage
  • Regulatory issues
  • Safety and aesthetic requirements

Module 1: Cisco WLAN Solutions

Characterizing Cisco Enterprise WLANs
Identifying Hardware Models
Describing WLC Terms and Protocols

Module 2: Cisco Unified Wireless Network Installation and Configuration

Installing Hardware Components
Configuring the Cisco WLC Setup
Configuring Cisco WLC Settings
Configuring LAG
Configuring IPv6
Describing AP Operational Modes
Configuring 802.11 Protocols, Performance Optimization, and Auto RF
Implementing Cisco CleanAir

Module 3: Cisco Unified Wireless Network Administration

Associating an AP to a WLC
Configuring Mobility Groups and Roaming
Administering Individual WLANs and AP Groups
Configuring QoS
Performing General Administration
Service Provider Enhancements

Module 4: Cisco Unified Wireless Network Security

Describing 802.11 Weak Security Policy
Configuring Security Parameters
Configuring a Cisco Unified Wireless Network to Support 802.1X Authentication

Module 5: Cisco Unified Wireless Network Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Cisco Unified Wireless Network
Gathering VLAN Traffic and Other Data
Configuring Policies and Management
Loading Device Code and Managing Configuration Data


To Hire a proven AMS Cisco Wireless Subject Matter Expert and Cisco Certified Systems Instructor who teaches this class, Call 800-798-3901 Today!

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