Implementing Cisco Unified Wireless Mobility Services

Learn how to integrate mobility services into the network, tune and troubleshoot the WLAN running mobility services, and implement mesh networks.

Implementing Cisco Unified Wireless Mobility Services (IUWMS) v1.0 is 5 day  instructor-led course presented by Cisco training partners to their end-user customers. Channel Partners nationwide hire proven AMS Subject Matter Expert Cisco Certified Systems Instructors (CCSI’s) to teach on-site or on-line classes.

This class is designed to help students prepare for the CCNP-Wireless certification, a professional level certification specializing in the wireless field. The IUWMS course is a component of the CCNP-Wireless curriculum. The IUWMS course is designed to provide professionals with information to prepare them to integrate mobility services into the network; tune and troubleshoot the WLAN and implement indoor enterprise mesh networks. The IUWMS reinforces the instruction by providing students with hand-on labs to ensure students thoroughly understand how to implement mobility services in the wireless network.

To fully benefit from this course, it is recommended that you have the following prerequisite skills and knowledge:

  • Cisco Certified Networking Associate – CCNA
  • Cisco Certified Networking Associate Wireless– CCNA Wireless

This course is intended for the following audience:

  • Wireless Network Engineer
  • Mid-level Wireless Support Engineer
  • Wireless Test Engineer
  • Wireless Network Designer

Course Objectives

After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Design the WLAN infrastructure for Location Services
  • Design Network for High Availability
  • Implement Cisco Location Based Services
  • Configure WCS for controller and access point templates
  • Implement and Mange an Enterprise Mesh Network
  • Describe Outdoor Wireless Installations
  • Perform a layer two survey for 802.11n (Greenfield Survey) devices only
  • Perform a wireless site assessment and audit once the WALN has been installed
  • Complete a site survey report

 Course Outline

  • Design WLAN Infrastructure for Mobility
  • Understanding and Utilizing Recommended Design Practices
  • Understanding Implications of Layer 2 and Layer 3 Roaming
  • Designing for High Availability
  • Understanding Single SSID Designs with Mobility
  • Implement and Manage Advanced Services with WCS and WCS Navigator
  • Configuring WCS Controller and Access Point Templates
  • Configuring WCS for WLC Auto-Provisioning
  • Implementing WCS Partitioning
  • Scheduling Wireless Access Using WCS
  • Configuring Reports
  • Configuring Administrative Tasks
  • Connecting and Troubleshooting Clients
  • Understanding the Roles, Features and Functions of WCS Navigator
  • Design the Wireless Network for Location
  • Understanding Location Techniques
  • Understanding Deployment Requirements
  • Understanding Applications of RFID, Chokepoint, and TDoA
  • Cisco Location Based Services Implementation
  • Describing Mobility Services Architecture and Appliances
  • Configuring the Cisco 2700 Series Wireless Location Appliance and the Cisco 3300 Series Mobility Service Engine
  • Integrating and Managing the MSE and the Location Appliance with WCS
  • Configuring and Tuning Location with WCS and MSE / Location Appliance
  • Tracking Mobile Clients
  • Configuring, Generating, Interpreting Location and Event Notifications
  • Integrating Third Party Applications
  • Describing Location Appliance and MSE Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting Location
  • Implement and Manage an Enterprise Mesh
  • Describing Indoor Enterprise Mesh
  • Describing Mesh Formation
  • Implementing an Enterprise Mesh
  • Configuring Enterprise Mesh Advanced Features
  • Configuring WCS for an Indoor Mesh
  • Troubleshooting Indoor Mesh
  • Implement and Manage an Enterprise Mesh
  • Describe Outdoor Wireless
  • Describing Mobile Routing
  • Describing Wireless Bridging
  • Describing Outdoor Mesh


  • Lab 1-1: Configuring Mobility Groups and Domains
  • Lab 1-2: Configuring High Availability
  • Lab 1-3: Configuring AP groups
  • Lab 1-4: Configuring a single SSID for multiple WLANs
  • Lab 1-5: Troubleshooting Controller communications
  • Lab 2-1: Configuring WCS Controller and Access Point Templates
  • Lab 2-2: Implementing WCS partitioning
  • Lab 2-3: Scheduling Wireless Access
  • Lab 2-4: Managing a WGB from WCS
  • Lab 2-5: Monitoring and Converting and Autonomous Access Point from WCS
  • Lab 4-1: Preparing WCS for Location
  • Lab 4-2: Integrating and Managing the MSE
  • Lab 6-1: Configuring Mesh Access Points
  • Lab 6-2: WCS Mesh support: maps and mesh general features

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