Adobe Fireworks CS5 Training: Web Integration

In this 2 day Adobe Fireworks training class, students learn to create graphics for the Web and to use Fireworks in in their web design.


  • Learn about Web graphics
  • Learn to work with symbols
  • Learn to create animations
  • Learn to work productively in Fireworks
  • Learn to mock up web pages with Fireworks


  1. Optimizing for the Web
    1. Optimization basics
    2. Optimizing a single image file
    3. The Fireworks web tools
    4. Creating and optimizing slices
    5. Creating hotspots
    6. Adding interactivity
    7. Exporting composite designs
  2. Using Symbols
    1. What are symbols?
    2. Graphic symbols
    3. Button symbols
    4. Animation symbols
  3. Prototyping Basics
    1. Exploring the Pages panel
    2. Creating a page for a multipage mockup
    3. Adding hotspots for interactivity
    4. Creating a secure, interactive PDF
  4. Advanced Prototyping
    1. Prototype orientation
    2. Image rollover effects
    3. Emulating a Spry data table
    4. Working with behaviors
    5. Completing the prototype
  5. Improving Your Workflow
    1. Getting started with Adobe Bridge
    2. Batch processing and customizing using Bridge and Fireworks
    3. Importing and resizing images
    4. Cool shortcuts
    5. Thinking ahead: future-proofing your projects
  6. Going Further
    1. Interaction review
    2. Creative and corrective techniques
    3. Working with Adobe AIR
    4. Flex skinning
    5. Fireworks and Dreamweaver
    6. Fireworks and Flash

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