Adobe Fireworks CS5 Training: Drawing and Composites

In this 2 day Adobe Fireworks training class, students receive a comprehensive introduction to using Fireworks CS5 to design and create graphics.


  • Learn to create and edit bitmaps with Fireworks
  • Learn to use Fireworks’ vector tools
  • Learn to work with multiple images in Fireworks
  • Learn to add text to graphics in Fireworks
  • Learn to optimize graphics in Fireworks


  1. Getting to Know the Workspace
    1. Getting started in Adobe Fireworks
    2. Using the Tools panel
    3. Using the Property inspector
    4. Configuring panels and panel groups
    5. Working with multiple documents
    6. Undoing steps
  2. Working with Bitmap Images
    1. Resolution and file size
    2. Cropping an image
    3. Managing images on the canvas
    4. Importing images
    5. Distortion-free bitmap scaling
    6. Adjusting tonal range
    7. Using the Align panel
    8. Adjusting brightness with the Dodge and Burn tools
    9. Applying the Unsharp Mask Live Filter
    10. Repairing areas with the Rubber Stamp tool
  3. Working with Selections
    1. About selecting objects and selection tools
    2. Selecting and modifying with the Magic Wand tool
    3. Selecting with the lasso tools
    4. Converting a selection to a path
  4. Working with Vector Graphics
    1. About vectors
    2. Basic vector drawing techniques
    3. Changing the appearance of basic vector shapes
    4. Scaling vector objects
    5. Adding text to your design
    6. Working with Auto Shapes
    7. Understanding paths and the Pen tool
    8. Editing paths
    9. Creating custom shapes
    10. Customizing fills and strokes
  5. The Layers Panel�Your Best Friend
    1. About layers
    2. Identifying objects
    3. Naming objects
    4. Rearranging objects within a layer
    5. Adding and naming layers
    6. Moving objects from one layer to another
    7. Creating sub layers
    8. Protecting layers
  6. Masking
    1. About masks
    2. Designing the banner ad
    3. Creating and editing masks
    4. Final touches
  7. Working with Text
    1. Text basics
    2. Anti-aliasing
    3. Special text effects

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