QuickBooks 2012 could require small business professionals to complete training

Since small business owners have to juggle a number of responsibilities at the beginning of their ventures, many could benefit from online training with Microsoft certified instructors. But, being that these individuals are often overworked as it is, it might be best for small business owners to assign one of their employees to handle some of the accounting work that needs to be completed, and the training they must complete, so that the task can be efficiently tackled.

As a business tool, QuickBooks lets companies quickly process tax information, write invoices and classifies transactions. The newest version, QuickBooks 2012, however, incorporates a number of new and exciting features into its established repertoire. For instance, the program offers first-time features that help business professionals and their employees complete their tasks in less time than ever before, saving time and allowing owners to allocate these employees to other essential tasks more quickly.

For example, QuickBooks now allows users to see a calendar view of all their important financial tasks, and offers an upgraded compatibility with Microsoft Excel, which lets information pass more seamlessly between the two programs. Clients and customers can also share and download reports, allowing for documents to be exchanged in real time without time drains and extra expenses like shipping and handling.

Even individuals who have worked with QuickBooks in the past may want to secure additional QuickBooks 2012 training so that they can master these new features. In addition, with private learning institutions offering online or in-person computer training, it's never been easier for those looking to polish their skills by learning from industry professionals to do so.

As a result, individuals who want to secure QuickBooks training should contact an online training provider with Microsoft certified instructors today to ask about available classes.

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