Adobe Photoshop training may be needed for Mac-specific apps

On November 7, Adobe announced that it would be offering two new releases through Apple's Mac App Store. The new applications for Adobe Photoshop Elements and Adobe Premier Elements will allow business and creative professionals to edit videos and photos while on the go. In addition, the apps could be a great cost-cutting solution for small businesses, as they provide a useful business function at a much lower cost than the full computer versions.

Interested purchasers can buy the apps for $79.99 apiece in a slimmed down version, $99.99 for the full version or $149 for both, according to Both software programs were launched near the company's 10-year anniversary, and demonstrate how Adobe has evolved to help its customers use the tools with a greater efficiency.

Many creative professionals and small business owners rely on Adobe Photoshop to create custom graphics for their websites, catalogs and other important informational or commercial material. As a result, job seekers may be able to improve their prospects by getting specialized computer training with this software.

Those who already work with the program as graphic designers or who use it in their existing business operations may also benefit from taking a refresher course. This in turn can increase the appeal of the individual's personal or business website.

By choosing to take a class through a trusted training program, business professionals can increase their current career prospects or pursue a job in a new field. When looking for programs, interested individuals may want to choose a provider that allows them the flexibility to take classes online. This training can even be the first stepping stone to accreditation as a computer instructor or toward a more lucrative field such as Cisco certification

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