IT publication names Microsoft SharePoint trends to watch in 2012

Since major business technologies are always updating, 2012 promises to bring many changes to the familiar products that IT professionals use to ensure smooth productivity for their employers in the workplace. In a recent piece for Fierce Content Management, Ron Miller, a technology journalist and blogger, outlined what he sees as the biggest changes Microsoft SharePoint 2010 will undergo over the next 12 months.

According to Miller, the biggest change will come as social communications are integrated into SharePoint. However, he says that these new business solutions aren't likely to be widely used, as some companies will continue to rely on the services provided by Twitter and Facebook, which are at present more advanced.

In addition, Miller says there will be pressure on business owners and IT professionals to ensure their companies aren't overextending their resources by relying too much on social media that isn't providing a significant return.

"SharePoint provides tremendous capability for each individual to add content to a broad range of sites and channels," Miller wrote. "As this trend continues, the demand for users to adopt Personal Content (PCM) to aggregate and classify their own information will only increase. Extremely large SharePoint sites can start to feel anonymous, and a personal voice is needed to avoid feeling lost."

In addition to social integration, cloud adoption and governance – the answer to how and why a company uses SharePoint – are likely to play significant roles. All this change means that IT professionals as well as those looking to increase their ability to apply for vacancies in the field may want to work with experienced Microsoft certified instructors.

With SharePoint 2010 online training, these applicants could gain the tools they need to help their employers and their careers reach the next level.

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