Hiring college grads with IT experience could be beneficial for businesses

Due to their familiarity with the internet and technology in general, IT companies that are looking to hire new workers that will need to undergo on-the-job training may want to consider hiring recent graduates. According to a December 12 report from recruiting industry news source ere.net, hiring students fresh out of college can have a number of benefits for U.S. companies, provided they are capable and have secured the right online training.

For starters, the news source pointed out the relatively low cost of hiring recent college grads when compared to their more experienced counterparts, and how it can be easier to train these employees since they are transitioning from an environment where they needed to learn and adapt their skills on a consistent basis.

The relative comfort level of this candidate pool toward technology was also cited. On the whole, college graduates are able to learn new technologies – and potentially draft innovative solutions – more quickly, making them a potentially more valuable hire when compared to older candidates.

"If you're not seeing these attributes in your recent college hires, interns or those you are courting, the problem is most likely a result of major weaknesses in your recruiting process and not with 'this latest generation' of college students," the report said.

With college hiring on the rise in a down market, individuals who are looking to apply for these IT positions may want to secure additional training and certification that can help them stand out from the pack. By working with computer instructors to secure specialty computer certifications, these individuals could wind up with a satisfying and lucrative IT career.

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