Microsoft Office 365 Training Course

Cloud-based computing, a relatively recent phenomenon in the information technology (IT) industry, promises to revolutionize the way that companies conduct business. Not only does it help organizations conduct operations remotely, pool computing resources and decentralize administration, it allows them to think big when it comes to the scope of their business model.

Microsoft Office 365 is a computing suite that enables a company to build a virtual office structure. By using it, an organization can manage documents, email, administration protocols and website design all within the cloud. IT workers that want to learn more about how Office 365 may benefit from taking a computer certification course conducted by Alliance Micro Solutions (AMS).

The Microsoft Office 365 training class is meant for IT professionals with previous experience using Microsoft technology and programs. Leading the seminars are Subject Matter Experts, people who have worked in the industry for years and can provide unique insights into complex topics.

A typical AMS lesson begins with an introductory lecture given by the instructor, followed by a demonstration of the topic. Trainees are given a practical laboratory problem to solve, and after the allotted time, the group comes back together to discuss solutions and compare answers.

Students start the Office 365 class by learning about the basic functions of cloud computing and how it can increase productivity. Web application set-up, Office integration, data management and internal communication administration are other topics that are covered in the course.

AMS offers the Office 365 education program to both individuals and groups. To learn more about how a Microsoft training certification can do for you or your business, check out an online course guide on our website or speak with a customer service representative today.

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