Oracle Database Administration Training Course

The ability to store and maintain information, especially intellectual property and internal financial data, is an important part of a company's ability to conduct business. A quick look at jobs postings website shows a diverse range of organizations, from Harvard Univeristy to community health care centers, that are currently looking for information technology (IT) professionals to manage their Oracle-based information storage networks. One way to pick up the skills necessary to perform these kinds of duties is through an IT certification course.

The Oracle Database Administration training course offered by Alliance Micro Solutions (AMS) is designed for individual professionals or groups of IT employees who want to understand the skills required to operate an Oracle database system. Each seminar is led by a Subject Matter Expert, an IT industry veteran with expertise in database administration.

The central part of the class focuses on the design and implementation of a practice server within the Optimal Flexible Architecture protocol. Students learn about security measures, user management and day-to-day operation maintenance.

The AMS training is divided into lectures and hands-on laboratories, the latter of which are opportunities to experiment with the information learned during discussions. Each lesson begins with an introduction of the concept, followed by an instructor-led demonstration of the topic. After that, participants are given exercises related to the lesson. Once completed, the instructor leads a review of the solution. Examples include tablespace creation, Oracle parameters, SYSDBA and SYSOPER privileges and index modification.

An AMS course led by a certified Subject Matter Expert can answer the IT education needs of both companies and individuals. To learn more about how computer certification classes can help industry professionals expand their skill sets, check out one of our online training guides or contact an AMS service representative today.

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