Authoring Reports in Microsoft Report Builder 3.0

This 1 day class will provide participants with a fundamental understanding of the functionality available in Microsoft SQL Server Report Builder 3.0.  This instructor-led course shows participants report building techniques using relational data models, and ways of enhancing, customizing and managing professional reports.

Attendees will participate in hands-on demos and workshops that illustrate key concepts, while learning how to use the product.

Who should attend?

This course is intended for business users who wish to author basic or ad-hoc reports using Microsoft SQL Server Report Builder 3.0.


Some exposure to relational database concepts including queries written in SQL or a query designer.

Course content

1. Introduction

In this session we aim to familiarize users with

Microsoft SQL Server Report Builder 3.0 and create a simple report, topics include:

 What it looks like

 Where everything is

 How easy it is to create reports

2. Connecting to Data

In this session we will look at the options there are for connecting to a database or source of data to retrieve data for reports, topics include:

 Types of data sources

 Shared Data Sources

 Report specific data sources

 Data source credentials

3. Retrieving Data

In this session we will discuss how to retrieve data for reports and demonstrate how we can write queries to retrieve data for reports, topics include:

 Data Sets

 Query Designer (SQL / MDX if required)

 Stored Procedures

4. Designing Reports

In this session we will discuss both the layout options for reports and the various ways in which data can be displayed within reports; we will also cover how to format report items, topics include:

 Report and page properties

 Headers & Footers

 Data regions

 Tables

 Matrices

 Lists

 Charts

 Gauges

 Maps

 Sparklines

 Indicators

 Other Report Items

 Text boxes

 Sub reports

 Formatting report items

5. Manipulating Data Sets

In this session we will concentrate on extending the capabilities of reports by manipulating the data retrieved and describe how to sort, filter, parameterize and create calculations within the data.

 Sorting data

 Grouping Data

 Using parameters with your data

 Creating and using parameters in your data

 Setting default values for parameters

 Creating parameter lists

 Calculations

 Filters

6. Enhancing Basic Reports

In this session we will describe some of the extended functionality that can be added to reports to enhance their usability and visual appeal, topics include:

 Report item visibility

 Interactive sorting

 Expressions

 To display report information & parameters values

 To highlight exceptions in data

 To stripe data rows

 Document maps

7. Saving, Sharing and Printing Reports

In this session we will describe how reports can be shared either within a report server or from within a SharePoint site and explains some of the benefits of this shared approach,topics include:

 Saving local reports

 Sharing reports

 To a report server

 To a SharePoint site

 Viewing, printing and exporting reports from a report
server or SharePoint

 Creating report subscriptions (optional)

To Hire an Microsoft Report Builder 3.0 Subject Matter Expert and Instructor who also teaches this class, call us today at 800-798-3901!

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