Access VBA Programming Training

This 1 day VBA Programming for Access training class is designed for experienced Access users who want to learn ActiveX Data Objects, control structures, and the basics of VBA programming. Any version of software can be used for this class, including 2003, 2007, and 2010.


  • Learn to use VBA within Microsoft Access.


  1. Visual Basic Editor
    1. Objects
    2. Object Browser
    3. Collections
  2. Programming Basics
    1. Working with Data
    2. Scope
  3. Control Structures
    1. Decision Structures
    2. Loop Structures
  4. ActiveX Data Objects
    1. Getting Started with ActiveX Data Objects
    2. Working with ActiveX Data Objects
  5. VBA Debugging Tools
    1. Errors in Code
    2. Debugging Techniques
    3. Handling Runtime Errors
  6. Office Integration
    1. Automating Office
    2. Working with Word from Access
    3. Working with Excel from Access

To Hire an AMS Microsoft Access 2010 VBA Subject Matter Expert and Instructor who also teaches this class, call us today at 800-798-3901!

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