Advanced Crystal Reports 2011

This 2 day Crystal Reports class is intended for those experienced in Crystal Reports and who want to learn more about database functionality and the more advanced features of Crystal Reports.  This will be enhanced through the use of hands-on exercises throughout the course.

Please note that XI is the older version of Crystal Reports and should not be confused with 2011.


  • Learn about databases and SQL.
  • Learn about custom functions.
  • Learn about more advanced functions.
  • Learn how to make reports more efficient and effective.
  • Learn about charts.
  • Learn about report alerts.


  1. Crystal Reports Refresher
    1. Creating a Crystal Report
  2. Using Parameters
    1. Creating Parameters
    2. Optional Parameters
    3. Using a List of Values
    4. Using Parameters
  3. Subreports
    1. Unlinked Subreports
    2. Linked Subreports
  4. Charts
    1. Adding Charts to Reports
  5. Cross-tabulation Reports
    1. Using Cross-tabulation Reports
  6. Working with SQL
    1. The SELECT Statement
    2. The WHERE Clause
    3. The ORDER BY Clause
    4. Joins
    5. SQL Commands
    6. SQL Expressions
  7. Advanced Techniques
    1. Special Fields
    2. Using the Select Case Statement
    3. Evaluation Time Functions
    4. Conditional Formatting
    5. Alternating Row Formatting
  8. Report Alerts
    1. Using Report Alerts

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