Holiday shopping threats may require the services of ASA professionals

Recent reports have indicated that business owners may see a drop off in productivity this holiday season, as research suggests more American workers will be using their smartphones and tablet devices to shop while on the job. However, due to data security issues, some IT managers are worried that this trend could cause businesses to face an increased risk from hackers. 

IT professionals can help lead the fight against this potential costly threat by helping their coworkers remember tried-and-true tips that could prevent serious errors. According to ComputerWorld, by keeping computer operating systems up-to-date, avoiding suspicious email attachments and using strong passwords, the company's infrastructure could be better protected.

"We want to ensure the bring-your-own-device trend works in a secure manner and that workers are following processes that the organization has put in place," Rob Stroud, vice president at CA Technologies, told the news source.

Part of this protection could also come from firewall upgrades, such as those provided by a company's Cisco ASA products. While these products can be effective, they require the skills of an experienced professional that has undergone Cisco ASA training to be operated at their maximum potential.

As a result, businesses that are concerned that this holiday activity could soon become a daily or weekly habit for their employees may benefit by having their IT employees reinforce their knowledge of Cisco products. By encouraging these individuals to reinforce their past Cisco certifications or to pursue a new one altogether, companies could be helping mitigate their risk for a serious data loss.

Students or unemployed workers who want to enter a fast-growing tech field may also benefit. According to estimates from, the salary for ASA certified workers is generally in excess of $50,000 a year.

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